Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Judy M. Taguiwalo was unable to stop expressing her dismay  and disappointment as the Commission on Appointments (CA) once more postponed her confirmation hearing that was slated at 11 today at the Senate.

“I am very disappointed by the cancellation of my confirmation hearing. I am willing and prepared to submit to their questioning. It is not clear as to why in my case the CA should continue to delay this process of confirmation or disapproval of my appointment, if such is their wish especially after it was shown that the CA can make a decision in a matter of minutes.”

Earlier today, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s appointment as DFA Secretary was confirmed in just 5 minutes. As to Sec. Taguiwalo, this is the third time that the CA postponed deliberations on her confirmation.

“This is a form of torture that I am being subjected to by the CA and its members.   It is not clear as to why the CA should continue to delay this process of confirmation or non-confirmation, if such is their wish. What is clear is that all this has the effect of torture on me, ” she said.

It is a well-known fact that Sec. Taguiwalo was a survivor of martial law and was a torture victim. She was stripped and made to sit on a block of ice by elements of the military.

“Confirm me if they will or not confirm me, if such is their wish. I am in office to serve the Filipino people, especially the poor and those in need. It is to them that I am most accountable. I hope the esteemed members of the CA also realize that postponing or delaying my confirmation hearing has a negative impact in one way or another on the DSWD and how it delivers its programs and services to the public. We are all placed in limbo — not just myself. It is for all these reasons that I feel such deep dismay and disappointment.”

“I would like to thank all those who called for my confirmation today. I am humbled by their expressions of support,” she said. ###