Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Virginia N. Orogo appealed to all concerned agencies, the media, and the general public to exercise confidentiality in handling or reporting cases involving children.

The DSWD has observed that, lately, there have been many instances of cases involving children being reported with their faces clearly identifiable, especially on social media.

The Secretary underscored that there is an existing Protocol for Case Management of Child Victims of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation formulated by the Committee on the Special Protection of Children under the Department of Justice (DOJ). It is highlighted under this protocol the importance of utmost confidentiality in managing cases of children in need of special protection.

“In any incident or case involving children, the best interest of the child must always be observed. Actions must always be in accordance to child protection laws. This also applies to those posts and shares about children in social media,” she said.

Sec. Orogo also ordered the re-circulation of the Protocol through Administrative Order No.07 series of 2015 or the DSWD Child Protection Policy in the Workplace, within the Department, both at the central office and in all field offices.  The re-circulation of the Administrative Order serves to prompt all officials and employees to make sure that confidentiality must not be compromised at all  times even as they pursue the goal of  transparency.

“Handling children’s cases is different because one must exercise good judgment, with bias on the welfare and development of the child,” Sec Orogo added.

The Secretary urged the public to report directly to DSWD or to appropriate authorities when faced with a situation involving a minor.

“We call on the public to please do not make your social media accounts as your first option in reporting a case, because you also exploit the child in that way.”

“The DSWD understands the good intention behind the posting, but we encourage you to direct your report to the Department’s official social media accounts via direct message, which can be accessed through @dswdserves in Facebook and Twitter,” Sec. Orogo ended. ###