As part of its thrust to provide ease of doing business to the public, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) will launch today its DSWD eServices establishing the online application and processing for the issuance of travel clearance certificate for Minors Traveling Abroad and the issuance of certificate of Registration and Licensing of Social Welfare and Development Agencies (SWDAs) and Accreditation of Service Providers (SPs).

Under the DSWD eServices, the Department will provide the public with direct access to the said frontline services through the internet. The online application is accessible by mobile devices and computers.

DSWD Secretary Virginia N. Orogo said, “The Department is always looking for ways to improve its system to provide what we call ease of doing business for our clientele groups. Through the eServices, we will be able to cut down processing time and resources since the clients need not go to the Department just to file their applications for the said services.”

The Travel Clearance for Minors Traveling Abroad (as provided for in Administrative Order No. 12 series of 2017 or the Omnibus Guidelines for Minors Traveling Abroad) is a social protection service of the Department which provides security to minors going abroad without their parents/legal guardian. It also safeguards them from abused, exploitation, discrimination and other related acts that may constitute child trafficking. DSWD ensures that the child/children will travel with their guardian or an authorized traveling companion as consent was given by their parents.

Meanwhile, the registration and licensing of SWDAs and accreditation of SPs are also core regulatory functions of the Department. Through these functions, DSWD ensures that organizations engaged in social welfare and development activities operate in compliance or accordance with set standards. Primarily, it ensures that the beneficiaries and the public in general are protected against any malpractice and exploitation.

The online applications for travel clearance certificate and license/registration/accreditation can be accessed through the official DSWD website or through

“Through the online services, we are able to help the Department advance its objective of providing social welfare and protection to the public the fastest way possible. The eServices is just one of the strategies implemented by DSWD to improve its quality service delivery. Rest assured that we will continuously find means to be better public servants in providing a work with utmost care and compassion as our primary consideration” Sec. Orogo added. ###