With the Performance Government Scorecard (PGS) framework of strategy in place, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) came up with organizational innovations to improve public service delivery.

The PGS is a holistic and collaborative framework for designing, executing, monitoring, and sustaining roadmaps to reform. It raises the standards of strategy setting for Philippine public sector institutions that work beyond operational effectiveness and complement process improvements while giving premium to its agency’s mandate into a world-class public service.

Through the PGS, the DSWD was able to come up with its strategic initiatives which would help the Department reach its vision.  The framework also assisted the DSWD personnel in learning and enhancing their skills along with program development, policy and plan formulation, communication, and program implementation.

After the PGS focals put the Strategy into action earlier this semester, innovations have spurred which showcased the creative and most of all, the DSWD May Malasakit brand. Their stories were shared monthly, during PGS focal meetings organized by the Office for Strategy Management, and in operations reviews within their respective units.

The DSWD noted the innovations developed by the Department’s personnel since the PGS framework was adopted.

In consideration of the pandemic’s impact to the conduct of activities, the DSWD readjusted its work plans to adopt a remote set-up of activities such as virtual town hall meetings; webinars; email bulletins; and online coaching sessions to address operational needs.

Also, feedback is an essential mechanism in improving program implementation and service delivery.  Through an efficient feedback system, the beneficiaries of the DSWD and the public will be able to send comments, suggestions, and even complaints.

Furthermore, the DSWD is able to regularly report its accomplishments and program updates if a feedback system is in place.  The different offices of the Department installed their Scoreboards to engage, inform, and heighten commitment among the leadership and its personnel.

The Scoreboard is the visual representation of the DSWD commitments, which enabled offices to communicate their deliverables and be more proactive in addressing implementation issues.   DSWD Field Offices announce updates on their contributions to the overall strategic initiatives of the Department during their Monday convocations.

In highlighting the work of the personnel in innovating practices, the Department highlights the importance of the workforce in achieving the strategic goals of the DSWD.  As DSWD Undersecretary Danilo Pamonag said, the role of the staff “is crucial in ensuring the attainment of their office’s targets.  It will contribute to the achievement of our targets in the Department Scorecard.”

Moreover, the journey of every DSWD employee in improving the organization and program implementation underlines the Department’s value of cultivating excellence and recognition of outstanding performance among its workforce.

The DSWD encourages its personnel to continue seeking ways to become better public servants in line with the theme of the Department’s strategic journey of “Make a Mark, Be the Spark,” calling on each employee to work together towards a transformed, improved, and brighter quality of service. ###