The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has taken custody of the six-day-old baby who was found in the luggage of an American national.

The baby is now temporarily sheltered at a DSWD Center for children where appropriate intervention and medical care are being provided.

The Department follows a protocol for the case management of child victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation such as trafficking. This protocol is a set of standards to ensure the protection of the rights of children. It also highlights the roles and responsibilities of government agencies and their partners from reporting or referral of a child abuse case until its termination, ensuring that victims are dealt with in the most child-sensitive and appropriate manner.

The protocol also emphasizes that the management of child abuse cases is multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary. Working together as a team is essential in providing appropriate protection, legal, and social services to the victims.

DSWD assures that it will continue to manage this case until its resolution, putting premium on the child’s best interest. -30-