DSWD Field Office IV-A (FO IV-A) continues its disaster relief operations, in coordination with various Local Government Units (LGUs) to immediately address the needs of families affected by Typhoon Ulysses.

As of November 16, 2020, FO IV-A has provided a total of 18,200 Family Food Packs amounting to PhP7.59 million; 9,350 FFPs to Rizal, 2,350 FFPs to Laguna, and 6,500 FFPs to Quezon.

Yesterday, additional FFPs were delivered to the following LGUs: 1,300 FFPs to San Mateo, Rizal; 3000 FFPs released today for Jomalig, 3000 FFPs released today also for Patnanungan, and 2,000 FFPs each to Panukulan, Burdeos, and Polilio in Quezon.

Currently, FO IV-A currently has 3,500 FFPs, non-food items amounting to PhP5.9 million, and standby funds amounting to PhP3 million. To augment the inventory of FO IV-A, DSWD FO VI sent 5,000 FFPs.

Additionally, the Quick Response Team (QRT) was deployed to conduct Rapid Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (RDANA) in General Nakar and at the port of Real, Quezon to monitor the delivery of FFPs for the five (5) island municipalities. RDANA was also conducted in Infanta and Real, Quezon, which is currently being updated to ensure that all findings and recommendations will be communicated to the concerned LGUs, including the previously conducted RDANA in the provinces of Rizal and Laguna.

To ensure that the delivery of aid will not be delayed, FO IV-A’s Emergency Operations Center continues to gather traffic and road situations going to affected areas.

Furthermore, FO IV-A continues its coordination with LGUs on data gathering on damaged houses in their respective areas, monitoring of evacuation centers for camp management, constant update of stockpile inventory for food and non-food items, assessment of affected families for relief distributions plans, and request for additional Quick Response Fund and fast track the procurement of raw materials for continuous production of FFPs. ###