Non-compliance with the requirements and instructions below will not be processed.


Applicants must be a Filipino citizen and meet or exceed the CSC Prescribed Qualification Standards of the vacant position.


Job questions should be answered properly, completely and truthfully. Any misrepresentation or misinformation will automatically mean disqualification of application.


Applicants shall APPLY ONLINE and SUBMIT APPLICATION with complete documents in a PDF file format with at least 1MB using this link on or before the end of the publication period to If he/she meets the CSC Minimum QS with complete requirements, they will proceed to step 3.




●      Filled-up Job Application Form through this link      

●      Application Letter stating the desired position, item number/code, salary grade and office/bureau/service/unit addressed to Director Leonardo C. Reynoso, CESO III of Human Resource Management and Development Service;

●      Duly signed and updated Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport size picture and thumbmark (Note: For internal applicants, Electronic-PDS may accomplish and access through the DSWD HRMIS account or you may download it through the CSC website);

●      Duly accomplished Work Experience Sheet;

●      Authenticated copy of Transcript of Record and/or Diploma;

●      Authenticated copy of Certificate of Grades for Master’s Degree earned units (If applicable);

●      Copy of relevant trainings and seminars attended (If applicable);

●      Copy of Service Record and/or Certificate of Employment indicating the supervisorial/managerial/technical functions and responsibilities as certified by the Human Resource Management Officer or any authorized representative (Note: Special Order or Designation Order should also be attached for the supervisorial and managerial functions as additional supporting document);

●      Certificate of No Pending Administrative, Civil, and/or Criminal Case (CENOPAC) (For internal applicants, you may access the CENOPAC request through this link;

●      Latest copy of Individual Performance Contract Rating (IPCR) or any of its equivalent for external applicants; and

●      Authenticated copy of Civil Service Eligibility and/or Valid PRC ID /proof of payment or schedule of appointment for the PRC renewal license.


(For positions that constitute the practice of profession i.e. Social Welfare Officer, appropriate eligibility/license is mandatory.)


All vacant positions shall be open to all qualified applicants regardless of age, gender, civil status, disability, religion, ethnicity, social status, class, political affiliation, or other similar factors/personal circumstances which run counter to the principles of merit and fitness for the job and equal employment opportunity.


Files should be in COMBINED PDF and must not be compressed into archive file formats such as RAR or ZIP. If applying for multiple positions, submit a separate set for each.

Walk-in applicants will not be entertained in observance to the new normal.

Requests for extension of submission and application with incomplete documents will not be entertained.

NOTE : Any application emailed to shall use the email subject (Surname_Item Number/Code_Office Assignment), unless otherwise it will not be entertained nor processed.


Email subject Ex.


Applicants shall be invited to take the Initial Qualifying Test (IQT) or Non-Verbal Test (for skilled positions) via email or text message. Passers and non-passers will be notified accordingly. Invitations will be sent to the registered contact details and email address in the submitted PDS.

Applicants who passed the cut-offs will be endorsed to the Hiring Office for evaluation and will proceed to the next recruitment process which are the Technical Examination and Panel Interview or vice versa.

(For Contract of Service (COS) position, preference may be given to cut-off requirements).


Those who pass will undergo a character reference check or background investigation by the DSWD Recruitment personnel or assigned Office/Bureau/Service/Unit-Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection personnel based on the signed certification/waiver/data privacy consent form.


Notification Mode:

●      DSWD Jobs or Central Office – Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (COHRMPSB) email

●      Short Message Service (SMS) notification from DSWD Recruitment or Hiring Personnel


The applicants who successfully pass the series of evaluation processes will be deliberated by the CO-HRMPSB following the CSC and DSWD guidelines. Once in order, the said process, through a COHRMPSB Resolution, will be endorsed to the Appointing Authority.

FOR COS POSITION/S: The applicants who successfully pass the series of evaluation processes will be recommended by the Head of the Office/Bureau/Services (OBS) to the approving authority (Cluster Head).


The applicant who is appointed/recommended for a DSWD vacant position will be informed through email, text message or phone call.


Notification Mode:

●      DSWD Jobs or COHRMPSB email

●      DSWD Hiring Office/Bureau/Service email

●      SMS notification or phone call from DSWD Recruitment or Hiring Personnel


Meanwhile, applicants who were not considered for the position will be informed through email.

*Applicants for the vacant Contract of Service, Casual, Contractual and Primarily Confidential positions in the Department may not proceed to Step 4 and 5. It is the discretion of the Hiring Office.

* In compliance with the COVID-19 health and safety protocols, the recruitment activities such as IQT, Technical Examination and Panel Interview are being administered through online until further notice subject to the recommendation and further issuances of the Inter Agency Task Force.

Guide to Filling Up the CSC Personal Data Sheet

CSC Minimum Qualification Standard1 – The minimum and basic requirements for positions in the government in terms of education, training, experience, Civil Service eligibility, physical fitness and other qualities required for successful performance of the duties.

  • Relevant Work Experience – relevant work experiences constitutes the previous job experiences in either the government or private sector, whether full time or part time that is functionally related to the duties of the position to be filled up.
  • Relevant Education – refers to the formal or non-formal academic, technical or vocational studies that will help the candidate perform efficiently the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled-up.
  • Relevant Training – refers to the formal or non-formal trainings, learning and development interventions conducted by any government agencies or private sectors that will help the candidate perform efficiently the duties and responsibilities of the position to be filled up.
  • Eligibility2 – refers to the result of passing of merit and fitness test which may be determined as far as practicable by competitive examination, or based on highly technical qualifications or other tests of merit and fitness conducted by the Civil Service Commission, or other examinations jointly designed and coordinated by the departments or agencies with the assistance of or in coordination with the CSC, and other examinations such as the PRC-conducted board examinations, the SC-conducted bar examinations or the CESB-conducted and CES examinations.


Administrative Order No. 12 Series of 2020 entitled “Revised Merit Selection Plan”. Rule XII. Procedural Guidelines
 Guidance on Hiring/Filling-Up and Pre-termination of Memorandum of Agreement of Contract of Service (COS) Workers

I hereby confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the statements/instructions indicated. Yes, I agree:

For DSWD Central Office vacant positions, please click the link:
For Recruitment, Selection and Placement Site/Portal, visit: DSWD RSP Portal.

1 CSC Omnibus Rules on Appointments, Rule VIII, Section 31
2 CSC Omnibus Rules on Appointments, Rule VIII, part V, s. 71